PLC/PC Control

Our software development capabilities include (but are not limited to) Visual Basic, Visual C++, National Instruments LabVIEW, RSLogix and PanelView. We have also worked extensively with specialized programs such as CTSoft, PowerTools Pro, VehicleSpy, CANdb++, Compumotor, Automation Direct CMore HMI interface and C3Server.

For PC or PLC controlled machines, we do not use "canned, ready-made" software. We use tried and true software libraries that we have developed over the years to expedite program generation. The user interface, data acquisition requirements and result reports are designed according to the customer's specifications.

Most of our customers prefer the use of a traditional PLC for production automation and control because they are hardened, reliable and do not need to be upgraded everytime a newer operating system arrives on the market. Complex Engineering recognizes the need for a more intuitive HMI interface, data storage/retrival, and network capabilities. That's where an inexpensive PC, flat screen monitor, touch screen, etc. can be utilized to provide the customer with a powerful system at a reasonable cost.

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